One of the most critical and important questions a person can ask in today's society of unrest and confusion, is which church should I attend? That is an all important decision for a person to make, especially if the individual is new to the idea of professing a religious belief. What follows is a simple guideline for such a person to consider, as the quest for knowledge and advice continues.

Please think for a moment about what offends you:

The fact is, people have a tendency to move from church too church, rather than grow up and stay in one. Once again, the reasons are individual, but there are things we can list:

Many "mainline" churches today are in near turmoil because they can't compete with secular programs that seem to steal away the younger members of churches which are "liturgical" in nature. Since many these churches have a set ritual, they are often at a loss to keep younger people. Also to be kept in mind is the fact that a great deal of contempt and peer pressure is applied to our young people and teenagers, by the secular world. Conversely, when new programs are introduced, they are often challenged because they deviate from the norm. "We've always done it this way" is the battle cry of those who, well intentioned or not, can cause a schism.

The answer then will always end up in one of three ways.

1. The person will give up on Church and religion.
2. The person will become a church hopper and never find a depth of faith.
3. A precious few will take the advice of Matthew 7 (all of the chapter).

One thing hasn't been mentioned yet but is the most important advise a person can receive-------------------


A Sinner's Prayer

God, I don't even know if you're real. I don't know if you exist or anything else. But I do want to know. I'm confused by all the talk I hear, and by how there is so much arguing and name calling and everything else by people who say I should believe the way they do. I hurt inside, and I feel like I can't keep going on anymore. Sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind and just want to die. So if you're real, and what I've heard about you being a loving and merciful God is true, reveal yourself to me. Let me know what calm and peace feel like, and that you can "save" a person from what some people say is sin. I need to know. Please help me. Thank you God! Amen.

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