WOW, did you see that???
Since times of antiquity, mankind has seen, and attempted to explain, what can be termed "extra normal" sights in the sky and elsewhere.  Is there an acceptable answer?
But of course there are a multitude of answers.  Depending on who the individual is, so too, will come that individual's acceptance of what is offered, by way of an explanation that fits a particular person's mind set.
 We can find anything from outright charlatans to serious scientists and clergy vigorously and rigorously delving into ancient texts, cave paintings and various scriptures that are held as holy.
One must be careful not to exclude the different governments of the world either.  After all, it is their duty to "protect" the masses from those mentioned above, from time to time, isn't it?

Within the religious community we can find anything from denial, to deification of  these oft unexplainable events, pictures, carvings etc., or celestial events.  The Hale Bop comet cult can easily be seen as a most sadly graphic illustration of a fanaticism that we could all do without.
We can read the books such as those written by Erich Von Daniken, to see how ardently a person can attempt to debunk what most of us would consider as the truth of religious expression.  And that here - we can find and be comfortable with extraterrestrial beings such as angels and of course God!
We must also consider the work science is engaging in as to the paranormal area.  For in this, we come to grips with spiritual phenomenon such as extrasensory perception, teleportation, out of  body experiences and a host of others, that have defied documented, reproducible results.
Interestingly enough, the Bible does tell us of such events!  This may come as a shock to some of you, but the simple facts of the matter are as follows: