Our Personal Background

A quick look at who these people are.
Center Photo by Mark DuSharm 1980

We became a married couple on May 6,1979. We have (upon merging two formerly separate families) two sons who are single, and we also have two precious daughters who are both married. This has resulted in our having nine wonderful and healthy grandsons and a granddaughter to give thanks for.

In 1985 we made a second trip to our God's altar, now heeding His call to become ordained ministers of the Gospel. There are also some shared talents, such as writing, musical interests, and we are dedicated to teaching the "True Choice" aspects of the difficult abortion issue. Both of us now are published authors.

We are vitally interested in bringing the gospel message to those who are incarcerated, and have had the privilege and joy of baptizing many, following their conversion to Jesus, while they are still incarcerated. Not to be forgotten are battered women and the other down-trodden people of society such as the homeless people, and newly released former offenders, who are now re-entering today's "hi-tech" and challenging society. *

*September 22,2001 is/was our son Mark's wedding day.  We pray that this marraige will be as blessed as our's has been. The new family now has two daughters and a son. To God be the glory

updated August 13, 2005

Our Professional Information

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