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In Genesis 1:26-31 we learn of God's plan for humankind to be a family.  Those first two people had hardly had time to become acquainted before Satan's effort to bring to ruin, the Edenic paradise that God had created for our first  parents - for Adam and Eve.   As what I coin  progressive degeneration ensued, so too, began the relentless battle we must still fight today. The battle of murders, intrigues, and all the host of false teachings that help to  make up our current contemporary society.  Make no mistake, for the adversary of Godliness and Holiness will not and does not rest!  The family is to be destroyed.  Those who are serious Bible believing Christians, must stand up and be counted! We must not tarry.  All must pray and act against these repeated acts of legislation that interfere with families.

Perhaps the greatest of lies is one that offered to frightened young and older women is concerning their conception.  Major campaigns have duped women into thinking that they carry nothing more than mere lifeless blobs within their wombs.  Until these women have truly had the opportunity to learn, with  great certainty, that only a potential human being -- their son or daughter -- is growing within their body, things will not change.  Until a woman realizes that she alone does not "own" and have control over her body, this misnomer cannot be corrected.  Not one woman has the right to force the father (who is the co-creator of that future person) into silence or submission to her will.  If you want proof, we will provide it.  By the same token, no real man has the right to force a woman into an abortive act that she does not desire.  Nor does any living man have the right to lie, cajole, or force himself upon any woman, for his own pleasure or egotistical satisfaction.  God alone, is the allowable creator and taker of life.

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The other great destroyer of the family unit God planned for us is brought about by "New Age" thinking and teaching, that allows for indiscriminate sexual activity.  As a result, many cast the idea of a marriage aside, and thus- there is no real commitment between the intimate couples.  By the same token, there is no real deterrent to indiscriminate divorce.  In any such case, if there are children who have escaped the abortion syndrome, they can easily become victims of the fighting that takes place between parents, who for whatever reason(s), would keep the opposing parent away from the child either permanently or as much as possible.  This too, is in opposition to Christianity!  A child is to be raised by two loving, not warring, parents.

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