How we bless the Lord for CONVENTION 2010! It is the biggest and best Convention we have had in the history of this ministry. April 15 to 18 2010 will go down in history as a time when the Lord visited and blessed His people. The most important dimension of the Convention was the presence of God that was so strong. The atmosphere became electric with a feeling that something was about to drop on the preceding Sunday when members of the Church of the Anointing in Warri carried out a Rally round major streets in the metropolis heralding the Convention. This feeling continued to grow till the end of the meetings and Oh what a blessing it was. One very blissful aspect of CONVENTION 2010 was the utterance the Lord gave our Ministers. They did justice to the theme INCREASE ON EVERYSIDE, teaching the word and prophetically sharing during all the sessions. There were times for personal as well as corporate ministry. The attendance is another area worthy of mention. Each night participants struggled to get seats despite the> arrangement of more seats in the hall of worship. By Sunday, more chairs had to be hired and canopies too. People came from all over the Country including our churches in the islands of the Niger-Delta. Nineteen of our brethren were baptized in water at the Udu River during the Convention. The children Choir ministered under such a powerful unction. And then there was the baby boy born during the convention! MEDICAL OUTREACH The report on CONVENTION 2010 will not be complete without mention of the free Hernia and Appendicitis surgeries the ministry provided during the period at our ANOINTING MEDICAL CENTRE. The print and electronic media were awash with the stories during the convention. Those who benefited include Mr Sanuibi Ovie a 30years old man from Ughelli and Madam Lucy Udori 70 years old grandmother from PTI rd Effurun. Ebhojie Lovely a 27 years old student of the Delta State University also benefited. The cases that touched most people most was those of 3 years old Izuagie Daniel from Market rd Warri, 5years old Ediri Tejiri a male from Kolokolo and Ovoke Igere 7 years old male from Enerhen. A 26years old male from Bomadi named Perekeme Enginerkeme also benefited. From Okpokunu came Ayenemigha Okobi a 60 years old male. There was also 42 years old Yoyo Peter from Okpokunu amongst many others. Indeed after the Convention, several persons who only just heard of the event from the news media thronged ANOINTING MEDICAL CENTRE for succor. They had not participated in the triage and now need help This ministry has always seen and used Medical Outreach as a door to missionary activity. Our past activities in this regard are well documented in the nation. From free medical outreaches in the islands of the delta, to provision of rain water harvesting tanks in remote locations, free cataract surgeries of hundreds of poor people, to free health care to orphans and vulnerable children, subsided health care to families of Gospel Ministers, health education and several preventive health care initiative like distribution of Insecticide treated mosquito nets, care and support for persons living with HIV/AIDS, training of village health care workers and training of church leaders on HIV/AIDS intervention. OZORO AGOG FOR JESUS It was from the 22nd to the 24th of April 2010. Ozoro came alive agog for Jesus. Thousands of people attended with several hundred coming out nightly to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Several committees were setup for Prayer, Protocol, Publicity, music, instruments, venue, counseling, ushering, programme etc We printed Posters, handbills, banners and did radio & television announcements in addition to equipment hire and other logistics. Brethren did all the leg work and mobilization. Advocacy visits were paid to Community and Government Officials as meetings and several communications took place. Then the d-day came and the Lord blessed the meetings with a good weather. The town was in a festive mood. People had come from all over Isoko North Local Government Area from Ofagbe, Ovrode, Ellu, Iyede, Emevor, Owe etc etc. The Amrede Primary School Playground venue was a carnival of sorts as people throng it expecting a move of God. The Local Ministers arranged to receive us at the entrance of the town somewhere near the AP Petrol Station. From there we all moved in a long convoy to the Palace of His Royal Majesty the Ovie of Ozoro where we were well received. That first night the word of God came with clarity and conviction. Some estimates have it that about a thousand persons come forward to receive Christ. The other two nights had a greater attendance and response coupled with prayers for the healing of the sick. Surely the Lord did visit Ozoro and the blessings only just began Please find attached photographs from the events. They will surely be a blessing. We had also planned a free & voluntary HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing Outreach to Communities in the church environment in Warri for April 2010. But we had over planned as we did not have the time and strength to do this in April. We have now rescheduled this for this month - May 2010 (after we have had some rest) and will report the outcome to you. Thank you for all the support that made this possible. The Lord is not unrighteous to forget you labor of love in that you have ministered to the saints and do minister. Continue to pray for us as we always remember you in our prayers. Yours for all eternity in Jesus Francis & Rita Waive GCMI NIGERIA