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Abortions Bibles Choices

Abortions Bibles Choices

Abortions Bibles Choices by Karl E. Uhlig is a 1996 copyrighted book based 130 page paperback text concerning all the facets involved with this most serious issue. It contains no graphic pictures or the usual gory descriptions of what takes place in the hospital or clinic. Rather, it is devoted to what the Bible informs us of in these matters, including the fathers, parents and others.

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The Answer Is?

The Answer Is?

Karl E. Uhlig

Life is full of seeking answers to a myriad of questions and situations.  There are many avenues people travel, in order to find the answers they are seeking.  Yet all too often, the hectic pace of contemporary living results in an unhappy and confused population who become the masses, because simplicity and common sense allude them. If you are a person who likes to investigate, analyze and then come to your own conclusions, this is the book for you. Whether it is science, philosophy, religion, mathematics or even cultism, there is a touch of all these addressed in this book.Come and explore life's purpose and where you fit in, and what you can do to help yourself and perhaps some others too.


Doors by Karl E. Uhlig is an allegory of advice to the new graduate. It is printed on parchment type paper and suitable for framing.

$2.95 plus $.75 shipping


Hang Tough

This is a six panel tract written and designed by Karl E. Uhlig aimed at the young and skeptical.

3 tracts in color per page

Free sample upon request with prices for multiple copies

The Greatest Is Love

A large tract by Jeanne D. Uhlig that describes God's love in a "walk through the scriptures" approach. It contains the salvation message.

Free sample upon request with prices for multiple copies.

True Love

Another tract by Jeanne D. Uhlig.  Much is said about love in today's society.  This tract describes love the way it was meant to be expressed, based on 1 Corinthians 13.

Free sample upon request and prices for multiple copies.

Times In My Life

A small book of poems by Jeanne D. Uhlig.  The author's attempt to "work through" life and its trials and joys using words and poetry.

$10.95 plus $1.50 shipping. 

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"Well written, thought provoking, simple and easy to follow."

Janet Sims Wood, Ph.D, Washington D.C.


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